Cantina Bastianelli

Monte San Pietrangeli (Fermo)


Bastianelli’s Winery is a family run company in which the passion for wine plunges its roots in a past of tradition and love for land. The wine, which is poem, bears from the indissoluble union between the territory, Marche region, and the charisma of people working on it. Tradition is the guide, innovation is the way, love is the aim. Inside every bottle you can find all the obstinate passion of Bastianelli family and the will to produce wines that tell their story, in silence, by the senses. Vinifications are carried out in small quantities to understand the differences year by year and being able to mark out the best course to follow, thanks to a perfect vision of the microclimate influences and of the different working phases. The small size of the company allows to carry out a highly qualitative product search policy. The improvement of the organoleptic features through a mix of traditional tools and advanced technologies ables to guarantee the maximum respect of the product features. The winemaking method wants to preserve at every passage the aromatic taste developed during the ripening, resulting in valuable wine for all the amateurs.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items