Marsala (Trapani)


The Martinez winery was founded in 1866 by the Martinez family, in the furthest area of the Western Sicily, in Marsala, whose wine DOC is named after. It is one of the most ancient wineries, that has been faithful just to its main product, the Marsala wine, the most prestigious among the Italian dessert wines. The brand Martinez since six long generations finds a perfect mix of innovations and traditions, continues to work in order to maintain high the quality high and the name of this extraordinary product. The constant search for quality is the key value handed down from the founder Carlo Martinez to his heirs. An accurate selection of grapes is the fundamental ingredient for a convincing result, chosen by experts in small local vineyards with experience and strong passion. Just about the 10% of the winery stock is traded after having been left patiently aging in oak barrels. The aging compartment with the working and the bottling ones are gathered together in just one beam of around 6.000 s.q.m. The building is mainly realized with tuff, traditional material of this area appropriate for avoiding the thermal change and keep an high humidity level, ideal of the aging of Marsala in wood. Proving to live the contemporary context with attention and awareness as regards customers and environment, the winery Martinez has been acknowledged, according to the last European laws, with the certifications for the system of quality and environmental management.

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