Rocca del Principe

Lapio (Avellino)


The farm is located in Lapio, a small suburb on the green hills of Irpinia, the town with a major Fiano plantation and always considered a cru of excellence. The territory is particularly vocated for the Fiano cultivation and it is advantaged, climate wise, from the presence of the Picentini mountains: one of its peaks, mountain Tuoro (1400 mts) located not too far from Lapio works as a heat-regulator to modulate the heat and emphasizes the temperature range at night time and in the winter. The small family firm was born in 2004, by Ercole Zarrella, his wife Aurelia Fabrizio and his brother Antonio, coming from families that have always dedicated their lives to the land, after many years in selling the grapes to others, have decided to start their own vinification and bottling. The firm has about 10 hectares of land of which 5 hectares coltivated in Fiano, located on the hill of Arianiello, the highest area of the town of Lapio which rappresents, certainly, one of the areas mostly vocated for the Fiano cultivation. The vineyards are located in two opposite sides of the hill, the North side and the South side. All the operations that are done in the vineyards are done to obtain low quantity per hectar in respect of the environment: working through the rows, the weed is done exclusively by machines, organic fertilization every other year, green harvest is done only on generous seasons.

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