Dalle Vigne

Mercatale (Firenze)


Dalle Vigne is a modern instrument for the distribution of premium wines. Because of renewed interest in wine, there is an increasingly pressing need in stocking the shelves of wine stores and the lists of restaurants and wine bars for a wide assortment of labels that extends beyond our regional and national boundaries It is precisely an instrument like Dalle Vigne that offers professionals in the sector the opportunity to enrich their cellars with wines coming from major producing zones whether in Italy or abroad without being obliged to acquire burdensome quantities. Two criteria are principally followed in the selection of estates whose wines are to be distributed. The first involves a search for estates that are closely linked with the territory and express it through use of native varieties. The second is an outstanding quality/price ratio, which is in keeping with the philosophy of Cantine Leonardo da Vinci, of which Dalle Vigne is an outgrowth.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items