Santo Stefano Belbo (Cuneo)


The Marcalberto winery began its journey of excellence when it was founded by Piero Cane, already an established enologist, in Santo Stefano Belbo, the beating heart of the Langa Astigiana. The first bottles were produced in 1993, but it was only from 1996 that the production of small series of wines took shape. With the arrival first of his son Marco, and then Marco’s brother Alberto, production increased significantly. The winery developed into a small family-run “maison”, specializing exclusively in the strictly artisanal production of traditional-method sparkling wines. The six hectares of vineyards vary in age from 15 to 30 years and are planted with Pinot Nero and Chardonnay. Located in the comunes of Calosso, Cossano Belbo and Santo Stefano Belbo, their altitudes range from 300 to 550 metres above sea level and they have marly-chalky soils. The winery is based in a historic residence dating back to the late 19th century and built from stone and tufa. The wines are aged here in small wooden barrels, and the cellars hold 30,000 bottles, which are disgorged no less than two years after bottling.

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