Vitivinicola Gianni Doglia

Castagnola delle Lanze (Asti)


It is a small family company that cultivates vineyards and vinified their grapes for three generations.The company was founded in 1940 from Eugenio Rivella, grandfather “Genio”, he was a great wine lover. He was fanciful, convivial and master of winery. In 1980s the enterprise’s conduction has been entrusted to his daughter Marisa and her husband Bruno Doglia, that with invigorated enthusiasm goes on the family enterprise. With masters of this rank was not difficult for Gianni to enter in the enterprise’s conduction. The principal aim of Gianni Doglia is to produce wine of highest quality, in regards of a food and wine culture and of a region that are the cradle of wine, precisely at the place where the resolute Langa’s hills meet the soft slant of Monferrato.. An ambitious aim, that costs much more from the productive point of view, but that is starting to gift several satisfactions.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items