Monchiero Carbone

Canale (Cuneo)


The estate increased during years, thanks to the implant of several vineyards: an Arneis one on Renesio hill, in the town of Canale, where it’s thought Arneis grapes were born, according to some historical documents dated 1478, a second one, planted in Nebbiolo, in Frazione Anime. Francesco doubles, then, Monbirone and Printi vineyards, this last one bought when he was just twenty years old. Finally the last vineyard planted is situated in the town of Priocca, the cru Genestreto, closer to river Tanaro, a smooth hill of about 10 hectars sourrounded by wild chamomille, whose clay and rich of magnesium fields whetted his fancy about winemaking and whose first results, somewhat surprising, suggest some future revelation that will join soon business labels.

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