Enrico Gatti

Erbusco - Franciacorta (Brescia)


Enrico Gatti bought his first piece of land in 1975 and planted a vineyard of red grapes, from which he started making small quantities of wine. In 1984, Enrico's passion for wine-making became a family affair; his children, Lorenzo and Paola, together with her husband, Enzo, joined the business. The new drive they brought to the enterprise made it possible to achieve the dream of producing a sparkling wine, and the first Franciacorta was made in the 1986 vintage. The estate gradually grew and expanded, as they purchased new land, planted new vineyards and expanded the cellar itself. Combining their individual sensibilities and the wine-making experience they had acquired, Lorenzo and Enzo evolved a shared vision of wine and drew up a clear business ethic, based on reinforcing the traditional characteristics of the local wines and promoting the Franciacorta district.

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