Palmento Galilei

Sava (Taranto)


Paolo Mancino is 29 years old when he decided to resume the traditional activities of his family. A single dream: going back to the roots to revive his basement, an old "cellar" where his grandfather produced the “Primitivo di Manduria” wine in the most traditional way. The winery is a small gem, set in an ancient underground winery built at the beginning of 900, divided into two floors of 60 sqm. The Palmento or "Palamientu", as I still like to call it that for decades the elderly, similar in structure, used for the processing of grapes Manduria Primitivo, is a structure obtained in the underground bedrock, where inside, we developed activities associated with wine grapes from the vineyards of the family. Due to its characteristics related to subsoil moisture and temperature always cool and steady Palmento is the ideal place to produce the Sava Red, a wine that wants to recover in time all the traditional notes typical of the time.

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