Masseria Duca D'Ascoli

Castelluccio dei Sauri (Foggia)


The family Longo is an ancient family who has been across generations working with passion for his region, Apulia, in the area of Daunia. In order to design the future of his land and to give value to its thousand-year old roots, the entrepreneur Marco Longo came back to the manor farm of his ancestors with a high-value project for the vineyards and today he produces and allocates highest-quality wines. From the land and from the vineyards until the moment to raise the wine glass, a unique feeling joins the souls of those who take part to this project: the love of their own land and the passion for good wines. Going into the winery, nowadays located in Castelluccio dei Sauri, means cross the threshold of a reality in which all the modern knowledge around the grape production, in full compliance with the traditions which purpose is to obtain prestigious results, are expressed. The project is based on the human beings, on their creativity and their experience, imagination and accuracy. Human beings comply the nature and reinterpret it until the perfect balance. The result is the direct reaction of the territory and reflects the strong and sincere character of its inhabitants. Duca d’Ascoli farm counts with 25 hectares cultivated with the known and praised vine varietal “Uva di Troia”. All the vineyards follow the Organic farming protocol, thus, every action is made without using chemical substances. In the future, a new prestigious winery will operate, it will be a new impulse for the enhancement of the Uva di Troia: a path of quality for this worthy protagonist of the ecological future of Apulia. An entire set of varietal tests of local grapes with white berry are to defined, in order to complete the offer of territorial products.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items