Dei Agre

Felline (Lecce)


Dei Agre winery loves to define itself as a “micro producer”, growing the grapes in order to make a wine which will reflect the name and the face of those who used to work and sweat among the rows of vineyard. Even aware of the latest market trends, the company feels always free to choose what kind of wine to make: a hand-made wine, made by expert hands of the people who take care of their land and of its fruits, the people who use to look up the sky while working in the vineyards. As they accept inevitable irregularity of the seasons, the wine is different from year to year, nevertheless, its authenticity is always the same as well as its natural simplicity. The use of chemical additives is banned from their vineyards and winery, as they adopted the biological farming. From the vineyard to the bottle, they try to get the best possible product, using only what nature has to offer.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items