Lying on the strip of land that goes from the slopes of the southern Murgia to the Ionian Sea, where Puglia becomes Salento, Azienda Agricola Vetrère fully expresses the wine and food vocation of a territory that takes its identity from the agricultural traditions. For five generations Vetrère pours its Salento roots – (as well as) its perfumes, its colours and the ancestral rhythm of its land – into wine glasses. When you taste Vetrère’s wines, you can feel the antique wisdom and the skilled care of our farmers’ hands in your mouth, their know-how and expertise, their capacity to raise vineyards like children, the satisfaction in their eyes when they see the vine growing bigger and bigger at every sunrise. That same satisfaction is drawn in their eyes when we taste the wine. Today, the Vetrère company is led by Annamaria and Francesca, the Bruni sisters, who have taken over the farm with dedication and passion. The route is traced by the long history of the company: mixing the value of a centuries-old tradition with the curiosity for all that is innovative, in the name of quality. A farm - nowadays more than ever, in the global village - is both a stronghold and an ambassador of its territory. The philosophy of the farm is part of a broader ecosystem made of environment, quality and culture. Vetrère has chosen the path of clean energy and is able to fulfill its energy needs in complete autonomy.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items