Colle Petrito

Minervino Murge (BAT)


Colle Petrito combined the experience, the passion and traditions, the knowledge of the most advanced techniques and research: it has achieved a product of exceptional quality, able to maintain the authenticity of its origins. Over the years, Colle Petrito has been able to count on the collaboration of expert winemakers, wine experts and skilled staff dedicated to the wine culture, as well as the research and development department, which continue to guarantee a constantly evolving product. Colle Petrito born in the enchanting setting of the Murgia, a land rich and rich in lands cultivated for centuries. In this beautiful setting Colle Petrito has managed to combine tradition, historical memory and use of the most advanced techniques to produce quality wines and undisputed value, all by selecting the best grapes native.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items