Agricola Attanasio

Manduria (Taranto)


The Giuseppe Attanasio farm continues, with passion, the traditions of a typical family of salentinian viticulturers. Under the wide cross vaults of a palace of the end 19th century there is the oak barrels room and winemaking facilities. Since 2000 the Primitivo di Manduria grapes have reached there, they are picked with traditional method and they exclusively come from the own vineyards, approximately 5 hectares grown to little sapling of Puglia, in the territory of Manduria which are personally cured by Giuseppe Attanasio on the grounds of over 60 years' experience in the viticulture. The Primitivo di Manduria wine has to be obtained from the only Primitive vine, which has to be cultivated on soils with a calcareous substrate of rock tufaceous split and planting installation, forms of breeding and traditional systems of pruning have to be oriented to obtain a maximum of 90 quintals of grapes per hectare. This level can be reached only from the typical bush-cultivation of vines. Attanasio, with its production of only 15000 bottles per year, treats every phase of the productive chain, from the vineyards, to the transformation and to the bottling, is always ready to rebuild the story of the product, of the raw materials and of the making-process. The picking of the grapes, extremely selected, happens manually and the carefulness in the accommodation in boxes guarantees the integrity of the raw material in the beginning of the winemaking. The maceration is at self-possessed temperature in silos of steel and the phase of maturing of the wines is in barriques for 12 months.

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