Giancarlo Ceci

Andria (BAT)


It was the 1819 when Consalvo Ceci (seven generation before Giancarlo Ceci) acquires the estate. The story of this company tells us the dedication and care that the Ceci family, for nearly two hundred years, dedicated to the land and its fruits. The estate is located in a strategic position, 250 meters above sea level, between Andria and Castel del Monte and 20 km from the sea in the hilly pre-Murgia in those days (early nineteenth century) was destined to pastures. It was during the years 1840-1900 that the following generations worked improvements planting olive oil and wine grapes leading the way towards the future. In 1988, Giancarlo, after a degree in Agriculture, founded Agrinatura with the aim to continue the family farming traditions while respecting the environment. As evidence of this Giancarlo converts the company first in to a biological company and then in to a biodinamic company, giving attention to the control of the entire production chain: from the cultivation of the land to the final consumer.

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