Cantine D'Alfonso del Sordo

San Severo (Foggia)


Halfway through the 19th century, Baron Antonio del Sordo was assigning a portion of his land holdings, situated in the territories of San Severo and Lucera, to the cultivation of grapevines. At the same time, Ludovico D’Alfonso, an impassioned vinegrower, was choosing the best grapes from his vineyards and producing wine from them in his home cellar. In order to ensure the continuance of the lineage and the family heritage at beginning of the 20th century, Giovanni del Sordo, Antonio’s son, having no offspring of his own, decided to adopt Felice D’Alfonso, Ludovico’s son. From him the new D’Alfonso del Sordo family was descended. In the second half of 20th century Antonio D’Alfonso del Sordo, eldest Felice’s son, constituted a corporation, which was the starting point for the commercial expansion of the family’s company, and since 1993 Gianfelice D’Alfonso del Sordo, Antonio’s son, has been the owner and manager, along with his wife Celeste.

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