Prezza (L'Aquila)


The family-run Praesidium winery was founded by Enzo Pasquale and his wife Lucia in 1988. Enzo, born in Prezza and deeply passionate about his land, has been producing wine since when he was a boy, working the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo vines that belonged to his grandparents.It was the awareness of the high quality Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes that were cultivated with great care and dedication that led Enzo and Lucia to be confident that they could found the Praesidium winery. The Praesidium estate is located in the western hills of the Peligna Valley, in the town of Prezza, the inner area of the Abruzzo region. This area, surrounded from the Morrone and Maiella mountain chains and not far from the Gran Sasso d’Italia, was known in the past as “Abruzzo Ulteriore Secondo”. The 5 hectares of the Praesidium vineyards, exposed to sun light for the duration of the day, lays on the hills facing south-east at about 400 metres above sea level. The microclimate of the area, influenced by the presence of mountains and by its distance from the coast, is excellent because of low humidity, steady winds and a great variance in the temperature between day and night. These conditions allow for a gradual ripening of grapes.The cool temperature at night helps the berries fixate their flavors until they reach a perfect ripening, which usually occurs during the first half of October. The soil, of alluvial origin, is ideal for growing the Montepulciano vines. It’s clayish, calcareous and particularly rich with white calcareous stones, that helps the water drain. The substrate of the soil is mainly rocky.

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