Fratelli Barba

Pineto (Teramo)


The history of the Barbas’ winery and family is fascinating and marks the course of entire epochs. The Barba family comes from afar and carries with it the legacy of ancient traditions. The entrance into modernity takes place at the end of the fifties, when the “Cavaliere del Lavoro” (Knight of the Italian Order of Merit for Labour) Luigi Barba finally draws a line with the past sharecropping and inaugurates the direct management of the company, providing it with state of the art facilities and infrastructure. Although the latest generation of Barbas also operates in other fields, they maintain agriculture as their core business, with the same tenacity, dedication and capacity for innovation that has accompanied them over the years, projecting them, one furrow after the other, towards the future. The heart of the farm and winery Barba are the vineyards, spread over 68 acres included in one of the best areas of the territory: Colle Morino, Casal Thaulero and Vignafranca, all belonging to the area of the D.O.C. Montepulciano and Trebbiano d’Abruzzo e della D.O.C.G. Colline Teramane. Here the wines are created, through careful observation of the best plants, selected throughout forty years of winery running. Today the number of strains, ranging from 4,000 to 6,500 per hectare, allows us to lower the single plant-production obtaining a higher quality and a perfect ripening of the grapes.

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