Legal Terms

1. Informations

Wineaway S.r.l.s.

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Registered office in Bari, at the address Via F. Muciaccia n. 3 Register of Companies of Bari - VAT 07514000723

2. Limitations of use.

The data obtainable from website and its service are protected by copyright law. The brand Vineaway and the domain are the property of Wineaway S.r.l.s. Consequently, it is forbidden to use any violative use of proprietary rights pertaining to the data in question and, by way of example, it is forbidden to reproduce and / or transfer them in any way, totally or partially.

In any case, it is prohibited any operation of extraction and / or re-utilization of even a minimal substantial part of the data contained in the site regardless of the extension of the operation mentioned, and the same operation extraction and / or re-utilization is also prohibited in respect of insubstantial parts of the contents, again regardless of the extent of the operation, if -exclusively with regard to parts not sostanziali- these mining / reuse are repeated and systematic.

Wineaway S.r.l.s, as owner, owns the rights to the exclusive use of its brand and site and consequently any initiatives undertaken by other parties to use these names and brands with similar wording in any context and for any purposes, unequivocally and integrates to all intents and purposes the case of brand infringement.