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Cantina Albea


Alberobello (Bari)

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The expert says

Made by blending historical vines of Valle d'Itria area, such as Verdeca, Minutolo, Maruggio and Alessano Blanc grapes, this wine is a nice classic method, with a fine and continuous perlage that enhances the brilliance of a straw yellow color. Evocative aromas of spring, delicate florality with touches of fragrant white fruits. Soft impact but well-strutured by CO2 and optimal acidity. A good aromatic persistence and a final citrus to complete the tasting.


Grape variety(Fiano) Minutolo, Bianco d'Alessano, Maruggio, Verdeca
Alcoholic volume12
Food pairingStarter, Dessert
Right occasionAppetizer, Present
Italian RegionApulia
AromasFloral, Fruity
Vine trainingGuyot
Yield (g/ha)55
Harvest styleMechanic
AgingBottle, Sur-lies
Harvesting periodEarly September
Secondary fermentation methodTraditional
Farming styleConventional
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